Magic of Sahara Slots

The Sahara Desert… not a place you’d want to get stuck in for a long time. You can visit it in this slot game though – a game that takes you into the sandy landscape and provides you with an exotic look and experience you might soon appreciate.

The crux of the matter is whether you’re going to enjoy the Magic of Sahara online slot though. Our review should give you the answers you’re looking for.

About Magic of Sahara

This is a modern slot, so you can expect a certain standard here. The exotic nature of the theme is evident from the moment the game is ready to play. Are you going to do that once you’ve read our overview of the game?

Who developed Magic of Sahara slots?

This 2019 slot game release comes to us from Microgaming. That should tell you something about the quality to expect from this game.

Is there a practice play version available?

Since there is a demo version for virtually every Microgaming slot, you can expect to find one to try for this game as well.

Is the theme as obvious as you might think?

Well, it is set in the desert, but it highlights the lives of tribes known by the name Tuareg. You don’t need to take a history lesson to play this game, but that little piece of knowledge should help you get a better feel for the slot.

An impressive design

Microgaming has done well to come up with a great slot featuring a desert background. You can see a hint of a city over on the right… but could it be a mirage? It doesn’t matter to us, as we are focused on the reels that appear on a carpet. We guess that is a magic carpet, right, or are we getting our themes mixed up?

Basic elements in action in Magic of Sahara slots

Firstly, we can see five reels in this game, set against that carpet design. The slot doesn’t offer any progressive jackpot opportunities, so we are left with the chance to try and get the top prize from the game. This is promoted as a potential for 108,000 credits.

There is an easy to see logo for the game in action, and you’ll want to see this if you can. It’s the wild, and it appears in stacks on the reels. It also appears ‘super stacked’ in bigger chunks on reels three and four. While it replaces all bar the scatter, it also pays out on its own if you find three or more on a line.

While in the desert, you also need to look out for the bowl of gems, used here as a scatter icon. The tribal chief is also handy to spot, as he can bring you tokens to collect. We’ll explain more about these in a moment.

How many paylines are in use?

Fewer than you might think, with just nine of them to cover in this game.

How many betting options are there?

You get the chance to play a nine-cent bet which covers all those lines. You might also max out your bet at $45 per spin or choose something between those two extremes.

Review the paytable before you play

This tells you everything you need to know about the various symbols and features that form part of this Microgaming online slot.

Bonuses in Magic of Sahara

It might surprise you to know this desert doesn’t contain any bonuses.

Hang tight – there are some free spins to be won

These spins are the most interesting thing about the game, mainly because there are two ways to get through to them. The first way is the most familiar one, as you need three or more scatters to trigger five free games. You’ll also receive further free games equaling the quantity of tokens you’ve collected up to that point.

Huh? Tokens? What tokens? Don’t worry, we’re about to explain this part of the game. We did say there were two ways to get through to those spins. This is the second method. The chief scatter can appear on the reels in any spin, and he carries some tokens with him. The idea is that whenever you are awarded a token, you will retain it in the chain of tokens reserved at the top of the reels.

So, if you trigger the freebies in the normal way and you’ve collected, say, three tokens to that point, you receive the basic five free games plus another three, equal to your token collection.

However, you can also unlock the free games by collecting 25 tokens. If you manage to do that, you’ll get 25 free games.

Is the RTP good enough?

It comes in at 95.29%, so there are slots that rank slightly above this. The medium volatility game still packs a good experience though, so you need to balance all the elements together before deciding whether to play.

Is this a good slot to play?

We like the different ways you can secure those free games, although collecting 25 tokens can take some time. It means the game is designed more for players who want to play for longer sessions. If that doesn’t apply to you, you might find another game has more to offer.

However, we’ll rate this as an 8 out of 10 game because it looks good and it still offers a pleasant experience.

No progressive jackpot winners in this one

There are lots of good prizes tucked away in the paytable, of course, so that gives you something to appreciate. That said, we won’t hear of any progressive winners as the slot doesn’t offer any.

Start with the demo for Magic of Sahara

This shows you how the token collection works, so you can figure out if you like it enough to play the proper paid version.

Play for real at Microgaming casinos

Since the game comes from Microgaming, you shouldn’t experience any issues finding it to play at casinos offering their games.

Does Magic of Sahara offer a mobile version?

It does, and it is compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows.