Total Overdrive Slots

Slot games go from delving into ancient themes all the way through to futuristic ideas. We're firmly in the latter territory here, as Total Overdrive gives us a glimpse into a not too distant future. This is far from a classic slot, but you'll see there are some similarities to be had here. Read our full review of Total Overdrive online slots here, so you can see what is in store.

Developer information for Total Overdrive

This is the latest thrilling title to come from Betsoft. If you are expecting a 3D game here, you might be disappointed… but they've shoehorned plenty of other features into it to keep you happy, we're sure.

Does it have the usual demo version to try as well?

Yes, you can try this version, and it is a good way to see how the features work.

A futuristic theme in action

The theme is a good one, with a futuristic city used as the backdrop and a grid-like pattern on the floor to give depth to the game. Lights travel along parts of the grid too. The reels are the big attraction of course, but the theme is nicely done.

Is this a good design from Betsoft?

Yep, we like it a lot. The color scheme and the various details on the reels and in the background represent the theme well. It looks good and draws you in as well.

What should you expect to see in the Total Overdrive slot game?

You're going to get three reels in this game. There are no progressive jackpots available. The game has an Overdrive Multiplier that is shown in the inverted triangle on the right of the reels. Every winning spin you get sees the multiplier increase by 1x, so this could be good for you if you manage to string a few winning spins together. The paytable indicates a 10x multiplier, so this can go quite high. (There is one more feature associated with this, but we'll reserve that until we get to the bonus section.)

The game also includes a wild symbol, displayed simply as WILD with a neat triangular pattern around it. This replaces everything else that might appear. If you get three wilds on a payline, you'll earn 50x your wager for that line.

How many paylines are involved in Total Overdrive slots?

Just five, which makes this game a good one for smaller budgets.

Betting information

There are fixed bets to choose from here, as all five lines must be played on each spin. You can adjust your bet using the plus and minus arrows either side of the bet amounts underneath the reels. You can go from just five cents per spin to $10.

The paytable explains more

We recommend you look at this more closely, as it gives you more information about various features of the game. You can find it behind the info button to the left of your game balance under the reels.

Are there bonuses to look for?

We did mention the multiplier feature has a bonus element to it. This is a Sticky Multiplier. It occurs at random and can happen whenever you trigger a winning spin. If the Sticky Multiplier is granted, the current multiplier remains in play for eight spins. This means you could get a losing spin followed by a winning one and still manage to earn the 8x boost on a prize. It also means the multiplier goes higher if you do get a winning spin.

Any free spins to note?

No, this slot doesn't offer any of these, and there are no re-spins available either.

RTP information for Total Overdrive slots

The value for this slot game is 96.92%.

How high is our rating going to be?

We're giving this 7/10. It is a good three-reel slot, offering way more than you'd normally get from that format. However, it only has the multiplier feature as a special element in the game. After a while, the game can get a little repetitive. For a short time though, it is delightful to play for sure. It makes a refreshing change to the many more complex slots Betsoft has created over the years.

How much could winners walk away with?

Information for the slot reveals that the best prize amount to hope for is 1,450x your bet. We'd love to be on the receiving end of that, for sure.

Start by checking out the demo

We love slots with demo versions, because they are easy to try out to start with. No cash is required to do this - you should be able to play it directly on Betsoft's official site.

Play for real if you find the game at a Betsoft casino

There are lots of online casinos offering Betsoft games to play. If you find one or you are already a member of one, you can look out for Total Overdrive there today.

Mobile platforms catered for as well as desktop

Yes, you can go into Total Overdrive on your Android or iOS device too if you would rather play this on the go.