Sherlock of London Slots

Sherlock needs no introduction, of course, and neither does his sidekick, Watson. We meet them both in the Sherlock of London slot, which was clearly inspired by the detective. Are we to try and solve a crime by his side or will he show us how it is done? Let’s find out.

About Sherlock of London

The title leaves nothing to chance and nothing as a mystery. There are several slot games based around this fictional detective, so this one has plenty of competition. Is it going to be your favorite if you’ve tried others already?

Which developer created the slot game?

This is a collaboration between Microgaming and Rabcat. You might therefore see the game offered under either of their names, although it is one and the same game.

Test the demo version

Why not meet Sherlock and his friends in the demo version first? It makes sense to do so, as you can check out the various features the game holds in store for you. It also protects any bankroll you might hold in a casino offering the game.

Can you solve the mystery of this slot theme?

It doesn’t take being a smart detective to figure this one out. This is a mystery slot with the most famous sleuth of all taking center stage for the proceedings.

Design features in Sherlock of London

The first thing to note is the presence of 3D graphics. These draw you right into the game from the moment it loads. Various characters appear – the detectives facing the bad guys, we guess – on the loading screen. This also reveals some of the features to come. You can then go through to the game itself.

You’ll then see a classic London street – Baker Street, we assume – with Big Ben in the background. There are tons of details in this game and everything has been sharply drawn to grab your attention. Did we say how much we love it – even before we begin to play?

Getting down to the basics in Sherlock of London slots

We can guess at five reels for this one, and we’re correct in thinking so. Sherlock appears with his magnifying glass as the wild symbol. He replaces all the other regular symbols in the game. It’s not an ordinary wild though, as it can trigger bonus features. We’ll cover those shortly.

Meanwhile, the game also features Holmes and Watson on their own symbol, which is the scatter. While you do get the usual letters appearing as lower-valued symbols in the game, they each appear on a detailed – and different – background. One thing you won’t spot is a progressive jackpot.

How many paylines are involved in Sherlock of London?

There are 25 of them in action.

Betting options

The smallest bet to cover all those paylines is a quarter, making it one cent per line. Very nice. At the opposite end of the betting scale we have a $50 wager to consider.

Does the game include a paytable?

Yes, absolutely, and you can select it to read more about the game’s mix of features.

Bonuses to look for in Sherlock of London

Let’s get to those wild bonuses first, shall we? If you find two or more Sherlock wilds in a spin, they connect on the reels. That means every position between the two wilds also turns into a wild before pays are awarded.

If you should get a couple of wilds appearing right next to each other, it triggers the Double Win feature. This means if one or more prizes are triggered in that spin, their values are doubled.

Finally, a wild appearing on reels one and/or two of the game means you receive one or two respins respectively. As you might guess, the wilds are sticky and remain where they landed for the respin. It means you stand a chance of a wild prize or of triggering one of the above wild features.

What about free spins?

You can find 10 of these to play if you find the Holmes and Watson scatter three or more times in the same spin. If you find any wilds in these spins, you’ll see them expand. Two out of the three wild bonuses can be triggered during the freebies – the exception is the respin feature.

One final thing – look out for Watson during the free games. He appears on his own symbol and while he is a regular symbol in the base game, he upgrades to yet another wild in the free games. The freebies can trigger again in the same way, with a maximum of 20 freebies to get on top of the original 10 (i.e. two retriggers).

Does this slot have a good RTP?

It does, coming in at 96.03% according to our research.

Do we rate this slot very highly?

We do, and we can’t honestly find a reason to rate it any less than 10 out of 10. It is one of the best Microgaming titles to be released so far in 2019.

Are we going to watch out for any jackpot winners?

The biggest prizes come from the paytable with Sherlock himself as one of the best to find. With no progressive on offer, it could deter some players, meaning we won’t hear of any huge prizes coming from this game.

Play the demo to see what you think

We think you are going to love this one, but it is best to check out the demo game before trying the real thing. Choose a practice bet to see how it works, with a 25-cent minimum to consider.

Are you going to play for real?

You’ll need to find the game at a Microgaming casino if you’re going to do this. Make sure you are happy with the 25-cent minimum spin bet too; it may not suit all players.

Go mobile with Sherlock today

Yes, you can play Sherlock of London slots on any mobile device with internet capability. This includes Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.