Winsanity Slots

Bold slot games are all the rage today. It’s easy to see why, as they demand your attention and give you some bright colors to contend with. They can be packed out with great features too.

Winsanity proves that while many such games are rendered in glorious 3D, they don’t need to be to grab your attention. Winsanity is about to be reviewed for you, so get ready to learn more about it here.

Welcome to Winsanity…

We love that title, but is this a big game in character, in scope, or in design? Well, it meets some of those elements for sure, and possibly all of them. You read our review and decide for yourself.

Who developed this slot game?

This one was created by Rival Gaming and is one of the latest ones to join their bold collection.

Demo information

You’ll find the practice play version of the game at any casino offering the real paid version. Just select the demo rather than the real version and you can see how it all works.

Check out the Winsanity theme

Does the game include a theme? It’s one of those slots that is difficult to pin down that way. It is a classic slot of sorts, offering a modern take on the traditional casino slot from years back.

Do we love the design?

We do, and even though we aren’t huge fans of the classic slot format, this one is a great one to play. Winsanity provides big colors such as yellow, red, blue, and green, making this an eye-catching game to check out. You also get big reels and a big paytable.

Basic features in the Winsanity slot game

The game doesn’t bother with progressive jackpots, so you are trying to get prizes according to the winning combos on the paytable. As you might by now have guessed, the Winsanity slot packs in just three reels. You’ll see one or two icons appearing on each of those reels whenever they stop.

There are three symbols in the game you are going to look for beyond all else. They are all wilds – yep, three wilds in a three-reel slot. How cool is that? They are restricted to their own reels, so the 2x wild is on the first reel, the 4x wild is restricted to the second reel, and a 6x wild can appear on reel three. As you probably realize, those wilds have the attached multiplier involved if you get fortunate to see them in prize combos. The paytable also reveals the wild can behave in a scatter role.

How many paylines?

Just the one in this slot.

Placing your bets

The slot can accommodate wagers going from just a cent each time to $10. As with many similar slots, it’s possible to bet one, two, or three of your selected coins on the line on each spin.

The paytable takes center stage too

The paytable appears to the left of the reel set, so you can see which prizes are available and what could be won as you play. You can also see each column of the paytable quite easily. Make sure you are viewing the right one for your needs depending on the number of coins wagered.

No bonus in Winsanity

Lots of three-reel slots don’t have bonuses, so you probably didn’t think this slot would have one anyway.

Free spins aren’t available either

Another feature not commonly seen in three-reel slots.

RTP information for Winsanity

This comes in at 94.24%.

Our rating for Winsanity slots

We like this one. The main feature is obviously the wilds, with three of them contributing some potential for wild prizes to be won. The focus is on those wilds and the bright nature of the game. Despite the lack of other features, we feel this still ranks a score of 8 out of 10 among three-reel slots.

Are players going to find some good winning opportunities here?

The paytable tells you everything you need to know. There’s no progressive to go for, but there are some nice wild prizes to try and find. The biggest prize would be 3,000 coins if you wagered three coins and found the line of three wilds on the reels.

Play the demo to check it out

This is the fun version that does not require you to use any of your own cash to play the game. For some players, this is all that is needed to enjoy the game.

Looking for the real version of Winsanity?

Check out your favorite Rival-powered casino, as you’re sure to find it there. Make sure you review the casino to see whether it offers any decent bonuses for signing up if you haven’t yet joined.

Winsanity is also available on mobile

You don’t even need to be near your computer to play this slot game. Check out the Android or iOS version of the slot today.