Wai Kiki Slots

It sounds like Waikiki Beach, doesn’t it? The opening image for the Wai Kiki slot might separate the two halves of the word, but it does indeed reveal a beautiful beach setting, complete with blue waters lapping at the golden beach. You’ll see palm trees and a surfboard too, but will the reels of this game be pleasant to spin as well?

We get five reels here, and they are made invisible, so you get a 5x3 matrix of icons superimposed over that gorgeous beach image. There is a guitar, that surfboard again, and lots of regular letters that have been given a Hawaiian makeover. A wild has been created from some appealing flowers, so that is nice to spot. It is slightly unusual in that it will appear in random spots on the reels only after they have stopped. They won’t stand in for the bonus or free spins symbols, but everything else can be substituted by the wilds.

The Shark Fishing Bonus is triggered by completing a specific combo of icons on the middle three reels. A turtle must appear in the center position of reel three, and a fishing hook must appear on either side of it. The trigger for the free spins works in a similar way. There must be a Free Spins Luau icon on the center position on the third reel, with a guitar on the left with the handle leaning left, and a guitar on the right with the handle leaning right. If you manage to get that combo, you will win 21 free spins. You can also hunt for tokens during these spins, and the more you get, the more you will win as a coin prize once the free games are over. There is a lot to look for in the Wai Kiki slot!