Slot It In Slots

The Slot part of this title makes it obvious we are referring to a slot game. However, Slot It In might make you think of slotting a football into the back of a goal. That would be appropriate since we are currently in the middle of the World Cup 2018. And yes, a quick look at the image provided by Realistic Gaming reveals Slot It In does indeed have a football theme.

The game was released just in time for the event to begin, with the design based on a typical football pitch. You will see the grass and the crowds behind, and the goal featuring five reels and three rows of symbols to spin into action each time you make a bet and take your chances on the reels.

Many of the icons appear in the guise of football shirts, which is a nice touch. Can you spot the colors of any shirts – maybe one might be for your favorite team? There are golden whistles as well, not to mention a trophy and a football. The trophy is the biggest-paying symbol you could find and has the power to appear in stacks on the reels as well. With just 10 lines to place your bets on, there is a chance you could score more than just a goal if you get lucky while playing Slot It In from Realistic today.