Mistress of Egypt Slots from IGT Portfolio

There is no doubt as to the likely theme on offer in this new slot game from IGT, is there? Mistress of Egypt clearly takes us back to Egypt for a well-trodden theme that is loved by both players and game creators alike. But will this game offer us anything we haven’t seen before?

We don’t yet know the answer to that question, as the Mistress of Egypt online slot game will not be released until near the end of July this year (2018). However, if the teaser image is anything to go by, we can expect plenty of color and drama on the reels. It seems to give us an image at night, with a golden disc in the center of the image featuring red and blue detail too. Does this reveal any hints about the game itself? We cannot find out just yet.

Ancient Egypt is likely the venue for this slot, since visits to modern-day Egypt rarely happen in slot games. So, if we know the setting, we can possibly guess at some likely icons that might appear here. And will the mistress of Egypt turn out to be Cleopatra herself? We can only wait and see.