Magic Hammer Slots

Magic Hammer… it’s quite an evocative title, isn’t it? The magical image of two people, a man and a woman, that appears to promote this game is intriguing too. It doesn’t tell us much about the hammer though – in fact, we cannot even see it. So, does this new slot game promise plenty of entertainment, or will the hammer drop on a disappointment?

This game was released on August 30th with five reels, three icons on each of them, and 25 betways to enjoy. The mighty hammer of the title does appear on those reels as a golden item that looks like it should be in a museum. The two characters appear there too, along with helmets, goblets, and even a wolf.

We know very little else about this game, except to say the RTP looks to sit around the 95.8% mark. There are wild and scatter symbols thrown into the mix though, with a guaranteed wild appearing in those free games. Does that show you enough to tempt you to give it a try? The fantasy theme certainly plays out well, but you should give it a try, maybe in freeplay mode, to see if it has enough to delight you.