Chief! Slots

And yes, that exclamation mark appears as part of the title for Chief! This game comes from Inspired Gaming, and while the Indian theme is hardly new, we’ve never seen it as nicely drawn as it is here. There are controls to the right side of the screen, and the five reels appear on the left. The Chief himself appears as the bonus symbol, and he can take over more than one position on a reel too. When you see the bonus screen, you’ll see more than one option as well – Buffalo Bucks, Buffalo Spins, Buffalo Drops, and Boosted Buffalo Spins. This is turning into a neat slot, don’t you think?

If you go for the free spins, you could choose 15 freebies where the wild is worth x2, x3, or x4. Or you could choose 10 free games where the wild is worth x4, x5, or x6. The alternative is five free spins with wilds worth x6, x7, or x8. That sounds like another great feature to enjoy in Chief!

The regular wild has white feathers, but these change in color according to the free spins option you decide to play if you get that far. There are also other features including Wild Winner, Bonus Chance, and Big Win. This game has been designed to pack in as many bonuses as possible, and we sure do like the outcome. We guess you will too.