Attack of the Zombies Slots

If you like the fresh and clear appearance of the games from Genesis Gaming, we think you will love this entry into their collection too. Perfect for Halloween, Attack of the Zombies shows you just how gruesome those zombies can be.

Will you get the better of the game and come out on top? Or will you end up being dragged down by the zombies and forced to become one yourself? Oh, hang on, it's not that dangerous. You're quite safe, honestly!

Reels and paylines

This one has five reels, but they've managed to squeeze in an impressive 50 paylines as well.

Coin values to choose from in Attack of the Zombies

You can wager from one cent on each of those lines. The maximum total bet works out to a huge $500.

Does this slot game include any special symbols?

How often do you see a brain used as a wild symbol? Not often, we're betting. There's one here though, and it is labeled… just in case you don't know what a brain looks like, we guess!

There is a bonus too, showing a horde of zombies heading towards you. This is the only symbol that cannot be substituted by the wild brain.

Are there any bonus features to unlock in Attack of the Zombies slots?

You can win Antidote Free Spins whenever at least three of those bonus icons appear in a base game spin. The game includes four hunters, and at the start of these spins, they've all be turned into zombies. You will play the free spins indefinitely… until each of the hunters is returned from their zombie state to their normal state. This occurs when the antidote appears on the middle reel. Each time it appears, one of the four hunters will revert to human form. When they've all returned to human form, you will receive one further free spin with four wilds present to help you snag a large win.

Get ready to download and play Attack of the Zombies today

This is a great game, mainly thanks to those Antidote Free Spins. You never know how many you might win, so it keeps things interesting. That final spin is the biggest and most important one of all. Will it help you achieve your aim of winning big when you face the Attack of the Zombies slot?