How To Play A Slot Featuring Ways To Win

Do you remember when slot machines were all based on paylines? We all knew where we were with those games, right? Well, you can now try a few alternatives too. One of those is the ways to win slot. This has become very popular in recent years. We thought we’d look at it here to see what it can offer.

What are ways to win?

Have you ever played a slot and got matching symbols over the first three or more reels, only to find you hadn’t won anything? This can occur on a payline slot. However, it won’t happen if you are playing a ways-to-win slot.

This is because the format covers all possible ways you can win on the reels. There is no need to land the matching symbols on an active payline. You just need to find them on consecutive reels from the left side of the screen. Some games allow wins to be matched from the right side of the reels as well. You should read the paytable to determine whether this is the case for the slot you are about to play.

How many ways to win can you find in a slot game?

Since the win ways are worked out as per the number of reels and spaces on each one, you will see different variations. A standard five-reel game with three icons per reel will deliver 243 ways to win. Those are the possibilities that could appear with this grid of icons.

However, larger game screens can deliver more ways to win. You might also see 720 ways to win and even 1,024 ways to win.

Are there other elements to consider as well?

Some games offer increased win ways once you get through to the free spins feature. For example, a game might offer 243 ways to win in the base game, while increasing that to 1,024 ways on a larger reel set once you have won some free games.

Can you afford to play these games?

You don’t need to place a bet on each win way. Instead, these games will usually wo out a base bet that assumes a certain number of lines are in action. You might pay 30 or 40 cents for a 243-ways game, for example. Always check the game settings prior to getting started with one of these games.