Piggy Pirates Slots

Piggy Pirates is a quirky if unusual name for a slot game. However, when you see the image that promotes this slot, you might get a not-so-subtle clue to the idea behind it. There are three little pigs there after all, and is that a wolf with the pirate’s hat on? This could be a modern take on the Three Little Pigs story, even though they all look happy in this image. Mind you, that wolf looks sneaky…

The first piece of good news is learning you could win up to 2,000x your bet playing Piggy Pirates. What better reason could there be to play this game? Well, perhaps the inclusion of six reels with four icons on each might pique your interest. Yes, this is a big game and it comes packed with 40 paylines as well. There is certainly the potential for lots to happen in each spin.

The Piggy Pirates also make random appearances in the game. These are bonus piggies, if you will. Whenever one appears, it will move over one reel with each subsequent spin until it falls off the edge. The idea is to try and get three piggy pirates on the reels at once. Do this and you will win unlimited free spins. These spins include wild coins on the reels. The pigs will collect them for you and retain them until the final free spin. Once this has completed, all the wild coins that appeared are dropped onto the reels at once. There is a good chance of a nice win – maybe even a massive win – if you get enough coins! Try Piggy Pirates today for some pirating fun and games.