Mobile Online Gambling On Social Media Networks Gaining Strength

The social media networks have been proactive in positioning their sites as a link between online casinos and their users on their social media sites, the social network have been marketing themselves a tool for merchants to promote their online games on the fixed and the mobile market.

Facebook has been a global leader for many years and they are not sitting back and letting it just happen, they are actively working on improving existing concepts as well as the introduction of new concepts. Two other social media sites that are following close behind Facebook are Pinterest and Goode+.

Online gaming, in particular mobile online gaming, on social media sites are becoming more and more popular. With Facebook offering popular online games such as offered by Zynga (Zynga Elite Games will launch on Facebook),

The Mobile social networks have millions of users all over the world using their mobile devices to access the online games and the social media networks are increasingly becoming more popular. The Developer, Zynga has plans for increasing their games and earning in 2013.

Social media has proven that it is able to effectively drive players to the online casino games. This has been shown with a decline on some traditional networks particularly poker, and a rapid growth on Facebook and particular the Zynga poker platform. On Zynga Poker there has been concurrently about 400,000 players. Competition is fast gaining ground with the newly released social media poker from Viaden Gaming.

It is expected that this will increase in the next few years, due to the potential market, for example, Facebook has over 500 million active users and at least 50% of them log in daily, therefore there is plenty of potential for monetizing the fun money games where people are happy to spend their money despite having no return, this proves that people enjoy socializing while playing their favorite casino games, and are prepared to pay for the enjoyment of gaming and socializing.