Zynga Elite Games will launch on Facebook

Zynga has plans to release it its 5th multiplayer casino game to be launched on social media site Facebook and it is called "Zynga Elite Slots". The company has called this its first 'synchronous' slots game for multi players. Players will be able to enjoy the casino slots games at the same time they will find the story book animations highly entertaining as they advance through different themes that can level up their characters.

Different Casino Gamas

Zynga has already introduced popular titles such as Zinga Bongo, Zynga Poker, and Zynga Slots for Mobile, the company has now set out to give players an experience whereby they can collaborate with about 150 people in a 'Virtual Slots Room" so that they can beat the game.

The Difference in this slots game from other normal slots games is that players instead of advancing using a click of a mouse or a game controller the players will nead to win at slots. The standard Las Vegas rules apply, and when a player wins everyone else also wins, so it's a win-win situation that everyone benefits.

The company's Austin Office created the Zynga Elite Slots, this is the company that had to lay off over 100 people about two month ago. The timing of this release coincides with news released earlier in December, that the social gaming company has requested a decision from the Gaming Control Board to be able to enter 'real money gambling'.

It already has in place outside the USA, via its partnership with bwin for the release of online casino games in the UK beginning 2013.

Playing the games

Zynga calls this 'true social engagement' amongst players, people will be able to log in to play at any time of day or night and they will find other players who will join them in play. They will be able to select an avatar pet then be able to go on 'quests' in order to beat a 'boss'. For players to progress they need to play slots, and players will be able to see their progress with the progress bar that is displayed on the screen this progress bar is tuned to the slot room that the players play in and not an individual bar for personal progress. Player choose how many lines they want to play, and this increases their chances of winning but they must be aware that the more lines chosen the higher their bet.

The Zynga Elite Slots is a game that is a win-win for all players thus, when players win everyone wins and it will be noticed that when a win happens players will see different pets 'flying across the screen' to share the loot. The wins consist of gems, tokens, and other items that could be collected, and for a player to be able to collect they need to play slots games, only then will they be able to move their character to collect the items.

There is a choice of twenty six pets, but at the beginning there are only five to choose from, as the game progresses other pets are added, players are not required to choose one pet and stick with it, they can swop a pet any time in the games. However be aware that the longer you use a pet the more it grows and matures in skills.

The items collected can be redeemed for bonuses. And to collect more items there are within the Zynga Elite Slots mini-games which allow the player to collect more items.

The token can accrue in different ways, they can leave the game for days and a daily influx of tokens will increase however that is very slow. But by using social interaction and inviting other players to play players will be able to increase their daily allowance.

At the completion of each round players need to 'fight' a boss and they must win at the slots in order to get more prizes. Players can also compete against the leaderboard.

The Zynga developers and put a lot of effort into the creation of Zynga Elite slots, with 6 themes, each with their unique graphics, voice overs, and original music scores, a lot of attention to detail went into the creation to ensure it is perfect.