Pugs Life Slots

Pugs Life Slots tells you exactly what you should expect if you want to get started playing this slot game. A pug lies on its back, feet in the air, fast asleep and drooling with its tongue hanging out. If you have a dog in the family, you will know this position is quite popular! But does the Pugs Life slot game from PearFiction deliver as a slot, or does it appeal more to dog lovers?

We don’t know much about this game at present, because it is slated to be released in the middle of December this year. We hope it will be good to play and it does look quite promising. There are five reels involved, although it is not clear how many paylines we will get. There are tennis balls and bones on the reels – all pug-friendly, we’re sure – and the pug breed features in both male and female form.

Another puppy pug appears in a box too, labeled as a bonus icon. We wonder what might come of this if you find enough of them in a single spin? There is a wild too, and there might just be a bonus feature that will keep you entertained this December. Watch out for Pugs Life arriving at a casino near you soon.