Lincoln Casino Player Wins a Real $15,000 on Funny Moolah

Funny Moolah Slots
In July, a slot player at Lincoln Casino known only as Mark W quickly discovered why Lincoln is one of the most popular online casinos available to customers in the United States. A relative newcomer to the gambling site, Mark, who lives in Virginia, had only been playing at Lincoln since April of this year and had not visited or played very many times since. "I only signed up at Lincoln Casino in April and I hadn't played there much, to be honest," Mark added. "I like the match bonuses they offer so when I do play it's on Thursday or Saturday. I think I'd only played there about five or six times." It’s a safe bet that Mark will be logging into his account a little more often after the big win.

Prohibition and Gangsters in Chicago

Mark scored his $15,000 payday on Funny Moolah, a game based on prohibition-era gangsters such as Al Capone. The slot game features a scatter and a bonus game; both the bonus and the scatter had a hand in Mark’s big win but they weren’t the only things. The biggest surprise of the evening for Mark and everyone at the casino was just how quickly he won the money without winning it all on just one spin.

Six Spins to Land a Huge Win

Mark was enjoying what he thought would be a fun and relaxing gaming session after a demanding day at work; he obviously had a bit of fun, but it was anything but relaxing. After only six spins, Mark triggered the scatter feature and was awarded 10 free games with a 7X multiplier. One of the free games quickly turned into a win when Mark landed the Headline symbol on five different paylines, making him $700 richer, but that was only the beginning.

The Streak of Luck Escalates

A few free games later, Mark found himself staring at a screen with five gangster molls on one payline worth 8,000X the triggering bet; with the 7X multiplier on the free spins that one spin of the reels netted $11,480 on a $5 bet. Mark still wasn’t done yet; the very next spin trigged the bonus game and another $1,150 was added to the player’s account. With the winnings on the free spins and some smaller wins, Mark was up $15,000 and wisely decided to walk away.

The Swiftness of it All Surprised Everyone

Winning $15,000 on one gaming session online or in a land-based casino cannot be considered common, it is also not exceptionally rare; it was how quickly it transpired that has everyone talking. "I didn't expect this, especially since I'd only just sat down! I was hoping for a few hours entertainment but when I won immediately I just cashed out right away. Like the man says 'Know when to run'!" Mark said, quoting the famous Kenny Rogers song “The Gambler.” Ryan Wilson, manager of Lincoln Casino added "It's always great to see someone get really lucky - of course we hope he tells all his friends about us!" Wilson shouldn’t have to worry too much about that.