Jason the Great

Hot news from Cafe Casino and in general for the casino world is the huge win a few days ago by Jason M from WI. Jason was playing a standard game of Let 'em Ride poker and after placing a bet of $500 and raising on the two chances offered landed himself a Royal Flush that pays out 1000:1 when playing Let ' em Ride poker.

How Jason the Great Won his Millions

Let em'Ride Poker is now becoming an even more popular game to play and it is not hard to grasp the basics of the game.The player initiates by placing an Ante bet, in the case of Jason this was a maximum Ante of $500. The player is dealt three cards face up and there are two community cards face down. The player can then raise his bet by the original amount if he has a good feeling about the hand he that is revealed and what he thinks is hidden. The first card that is face down is revealed to the player and dealer and at this stage the player decides if he wants to raise his bet again or stand. In Jason's case the raised the bet again adding an extra $500. The total bet that Jason made was $1500 and it paid off. The second card was revealed and Jason had a Royal Flush the highest hand possible when playing poker that pays 1000:1 in the game of Let em' Ride.

Support from the Casino Management

The casino manager, George Mallory of Cafe Casino was actually very happy with the huge win of $1501500 that Jason accomplished. He was quoted as saying : " Its life changing moments like these that really make what we do worth it" Cafe Casino does so much for its players starting with the fantastic sign up bonus that matches the first deposits made up to a value of $5000. There are many more bonuses and special offers at the casino together with non stop customer service and support and secure banking that players benefit from at the casino. Jason the Great is just one of the many lucky players around the world and at Cafe Casino the management team cant wait to welcome another great player.