Dino Island

If you're an avid player of online casino games, then you're almost certainly aware by now of the premier reputation for providing the widest variety and very best games held by Bovada casino. They continue that trend with one of their newer releases, Dino Island slots. This prehistoric theme-based slot game is a well-made video slot that has the entire repertoire of fun-extending attributes; from bonus games Scatter symbols, Wilds, bet Multipliers and even a random progressive jackpot for higher tiers of winning when you download now at Bovada casino. If you found those giant land lizards of long ago fascinating when you were long, Dino Island slots will help you revisit that awesome period - and you get to possibly earn some cash while you're at it.

Dino Island Specifics

You get a bird's-eye view - pterodactyl might be more apt in this case - view of the really ancient lands in Dino Island slots as a fossil-hunter on an originally innocent and rather pedestrian mission, until you just so happen to uncover a secret island filled with real live dinosaurs instead of merely their bones. In this wonderfully detailed 5 reel, 25 payline standard slot, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of T-rex symbols, stegosaurus symbols, the mighty three-horned triceratops and more (as well as the normal card suits ) to play your hand and luck into greater treasures. The standard jackpot in Dino Island slots is a whopping 2500 coins, in addition to the progressive jackpot which shows up sporadically.

The minimum bet in Dino Island slots after you download now is just a penny, erasing the barriers to entry for any true online casino gamer. You can also bet in single denominations of $5; or simply reach into those deep pockets and plop down the max bet of $125. Not only is any player capable of taking home the random progressive jackpot, but the progressive jackpot winnings are topped onto whatever you win through active playing every single spin.

Dino Island Symbols and Bonuses

In addition to the popular dinosaur symbols, Dino Island slots also has an asteroid symbol, prehistoric volcanoes - when those angry mountains were the size of entire cities - the Dino Island slots logo and giant eggs. The asteroid symbol is important because it serves as the Wild, and will usurp the position of almost every other symbol except the Scatter - which is the Dino Island logo, itself. The latter, when it appears on the reels, generously endows you with both free spins and multipliers using the in-built awesome graphics of this crisp video slot.

When you download now at Bovada casino, you'll discover the Dino Island egg-centered bonus round, which pops up when the game logo shows up on every odd reel. They will be replaced by volcanoes awaiting your choice of which one you want to try your luck with, and then be transported to an egg-filled room upon making a choice. Even though you don't yet know which egg has what, you're already a winner if you make it to the bonus round, because the slot starts you out with free multipliers and free spins automatically. Whatever you get from your choice only adds to that! Whichever way you slice it, it's worth it to enjoy practice play of Dino Island slots at your one and only Bovada Casino.