Evolution Slots

This game begs for an X-men reference, but as a virtual slot game it carries itself properly without any elaborate pun. A beautiful 3D experience, Evolution might be one of the most carefully crafted games to ever enter the genre. Each morsel and icon have been completely sculpted to best fit the immensity of the title. Players will find themselves spinning alongside bacteria, things that could be reptiles, and other things that may one day be a rat. With an impressive interface and a futuristic theme, Evolution slots is one of the keenest of a tired genre; bringing the game of slot games to an entire new level that will appeal to the modern gamer. Even if Darwin's theory of Evolution is alien to you, the game is based on a typical 5 reel 25 pay line format that will keep you spinning and betting throughout the night. The highest bet per spin is a whopping $125-that's $5 per line! Even better; the largest coin jackpot available upon a single spin is 44,000 coins making this Evolution a life changing experience that can lead to amazing payouts.

Evolving Symbols

With a theme like Evolution the game wouldn't go right without some great incorporation of this very element. From the first spin you will notice your reels jammed full of amoeba like creatures that upon your spins will literally evolve. Yes, that means that a boring old bacteria like creature may change into your scatter symbol and push you toward victory. While the lucky can earn a jackpot early on in the game, low paying symbols will change into much higher paying symbols as they make their way up the food chain.

The Evolution Feature

A free spins mode is featured within Evolution slot, of course, called the “Evolution Feature”. Within this feature the very interface of the game will find itself changing as well alongside the symbols. Players will find themselves with loads of free spins after this exciting event!

Survival of the Fittest

Whatever your belief on evolution actually is, Evolution Slot is a powerful and intuitive slot game that throws in advanced technologies to create a unique slotting experience. With an impressive soundtrack and beautifully crafted graphics, the game will allure you from the loading of its script. Take a chance through the adventures of life and find spin your way through the food chain to find the jackpot!