Progressive Slots

You will find many online progressive slots that are linked to a progressive jackpot network. In fact most slots development companies will have their own networks and a series of slots linked to it. These slots offer players the chance to win huge life changing jackpots and with many progressive jackpots paid out randomly, you just never know when they are going to pay out.

Enjoy the best progressive slot machines in Las Vegas

If you are planning to visit Las Vegas, you're probably planning on playing a few cents (or more) on some of the slot machines there. With so many to choose from, it's no wonder some decide to try their luck on the progressive slots. The lure of winning a life-changing amount is all it takes for some to choose these games.

There are many slots that fit this category. Moreover, you will find lots of them with millions of dollars waiting to drop into one player's lap. Will you be the next lucky person to win? Who knows? The odds are in the casino's favor rather than yours, but this doesn't stop people trying their luck and hoping they will win an amount that will change their life forever.

Visit the Bellagio

This must surely be one of the most famous casinos in Las Vegas. Table games, poker, slot games… everything is here. You'll no doubt be familiar with the fountains outside the huge building, where luxurious rooms are offered alongside the casino action.

Exploring the Aria Resort and Casino

If you're looking for a luxurious resort to stay in, Aria ticks all those boxes and many others besides. Slots are among the highlights in the casino, with everything from the newest machines to the oldest and most popular ones included.

Visit Bally in Vegas

Bally's is a well-known and loved casino in Vegas. There are other locations you could visit too, but if you want the thrill of Vegas and everything it can offer, Bally's is a good base to enjoy. Traditional slot machines draw in many players, each hoping to win that elusive jackpot.

The Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa

Yes, you get a little of everything you love at Borgata! Based in Atlantic City, Borgata offers players a gorgeous hotel with spa, along with all the games you could ever want to play in their casino. Table games sit alongside the slot machines, some of which offer progressive jackpots to try and win.

Playing at Harrah's Casino

Harrah's has casinos in Vegas and Atlantic City among other locations. Highly rated by many players, they offer a hotel on site as well, so there is no need to ever leave the building if you want to stay for a few days and enjoy those progressive slots.

What are the best progressive slots to play in Vegas?

If you're going to visit Las Vegas and play at the casinos, you'll want to know the answer to this question. You can expect long odds on the machines, of course, but our advice would be to look for those machines with the largest jackpots currently available. This can change by the minute, depending on which games have gone the longest without dropping the big prize.

What are the biggest progressive slots around today?

Everyone wants to know what the biggest ones are, right? Mega Fortune Slots from NetEnt holds the record for 2013's biggest win. Millions have been won on this several times now.

Mega Moolah is one of the biggest of the lot, with a €17.8 million win for one lucky player. Several others have won several million apiece playing this game too, so that's not an unusual amount.

We regularly see six-figure wins on several great slots, but those two are among the best ones of all.

Are mobile progressive slots becoming more popular?

You bet. While most players used to play games on their desktops or laptops, the increased power offered by tablets and smartphones - and the versatile screen sizes - means many players will now pick up their device to play instead.

New slots are almost certain to be playable on mobile devices. Older ones may not be, so do check if you're looking to play progressives in this way. Some are revamped to make them playable on new devices, but you cannot always guarantee it.

Android progressive slots open the way to play wherever you are

Do you have an Android phone or tablet? If so, you can look forward to playing some leading progressive slots without even needing to switch on your computer. Just sign into your preferred casino and look for the progressive games there. Most casinos put these in a separate area to make them easy to find.

Once there, you can choose your game and start playing. Betting via a mobile device is easy, with swiping and tapping the order of the day on an Android device. Have fun!

Progressive slots: iPhone-friendly games

Software developers know many players are now accessing their slots in different ways. You can enjoy playing slots on your iPhone, for example, with many mobile-friendly slots offering the same progressive prizes that can be won by those playing on desktop computers.

When you spot a progressive slot, see if it is available on mobile platforms. Many modern and popular ones are, making playing on an iPhone easier than you'd imagine.

The best progressive jackpot slots you could look for

Some of these machines are in real casinos, while you can find lots of them in online casinos too. Many of the following titles regularly offer prizes in excess of $1 million. Watch out for the likes of:

The best progressive slots online today

Opinions differ as to which slot titles can earn this accolade. Everyone has their own ideas. Which ones would you vote among the best of all?

We think Mega Moolah must be close to the top. It is very popular and well-known among players, having been around for several years now. The design - featuring jungle animals - is basic compared to the many 3D slots we are now more familiar with. However, it's entertaining to play and comes with four progressive jackpots to win. The mini jackpot may only be worth a few dollars, but if you won the Mega Jackpot Casino, you could expect to win a million dollars or more.

The game allows for bets from 25 cents per spin upwards to cover the lines, but the more a player wagers, the better the odds get for triggering the big win. They're still long odds, but it does allow for more versatility.

Are progressive slots worth it?

If you find one that provides lots of entertainment, bonus features, and everything else you look for in a slot, then yes, you would say it is worth it to play that game. That holds true even if you never win the progressive jackpot everyone wants to get their hands on.

If you only ever play these games in the hope of winning the big prize, you may be disappointed. Remember, the odds are always against any individual player. Someone will win eventually, but the odds are against any individual doing it. Mind you, if it was you, you'd certainly say it was worth playing!

What is the best time to play progressive slots?

If you are going to play for the chance to win big, it makes sense to look for slots where the progressive pot has gotten quite sizeable. The longer it has been since that jackpot dropped, the more likely it could be it will drop soon. However, no one knows for sure when it will happen.

You should watch out for progressives that must be won before they hit a certain level. These aren't too common, but they are out there. If you play when the amount to win gets close to the max, you know you stand a chance of getting the result you want. Well, you never know, right?

Progressive slots meaning that's easy to understand

An increasing jackpot… that is the focus of every progressive jackpot game you will ever find. If you wager a dollar on one spin of a progressive game, a few cents from that spin bet will go into the jackpot total. The same will occur every time someone else places a bet on the machine. Those tiny amounts soon add up, especially if the game is linked across several casinos. Hundreds of players might be playing the same jackpot game at once. That will send the jackpot total higher far faster than if it was a solo game.

The basic idea is that the jackpot starts small and gets larger as more people play, until someone triggers it to drop in their lap.

Should you pay attention to progressive slots odds?

We all know the odds of winning one of those huge sums are long. They're not tipped in our favor. Moreover, different machines will give different odds, so you can't assume the odds of winning on one slot would be identical to another with a progressive jackpot in place.

One machine in Vegas was said to have odds of over 49 million to 1. Wow! Those are indeed long odds. Our advice would be not to worry about the odds but to play the games you enjoy. You know there's always a slim chance you could be the winner. And if not, you're going to have fun anyway. We can all dream, right?

Progressive slots vs regular slots

Regular slot games are still very popular. They cover a diverse mix of themes and many will offer a top prize or jackpot amount as part of the game. However, those are fixed jackpots, perhaps 10,000 coins for getting five matching icons on a paid line. Some may offer more, or they may offer a maximum cumulative win if you play the game and get lucky. That could amount to several hundred thousand coins, multiplied by your bet amount.

Some players have favorite games they play throughout the week. Others will only ever focus on the progressives, as they offer that unique and rising jackpot opportunity no other game does.

How to win at progressive slots

The only way you will ever win one of these games is to play it for real. No one wins these jackpots by playing in demo mode. It allows you to test out a few slots to see which one is most appealing, but beyond that you must wager real cash. Be sure you are happy to do that, and you've budgeted for your slot game play.

Playing more often - subject to your budget and affordability - means you're more often placing yourself in the position of winning too. However, it has been known for a player to take a few occasional spins on a machine and win the progressive pot right there and then. You just never know.

Should you have a progressive slots strategy?

Some players decide to try their luck with these slots regularly, rather than just playing them occasionally. For example, if you play slots daily, you might want to consider making sure a progressive is played daily as well. Find one that fits with your budget and is enjoyable and fun to play. Think of the jackpot as a bonus - something it would be great to win but is just the icing on the cake.

Some progressives are far more expensive to play than others, too. Choosing the ones that are affordable for you will stretch your budget to the max. That keeps you in the game - and in the running - for longer.

Progressive slots tips to bear in mind

Everyone wants to know some tips to help them play progressive slot games. The best tip of all is to make sure the game is enjoyable to you. Don't play just for that pot - the odds are long that you'll be the one to win it.

Secondly, make sure you choose a game where the bets are affordable. Making your budget last as long as you can means you can play any progressive game for longer. If you're still playing, you're still in with a slim chance of winning.

What are progressive jackpot slots?

These are arguably the most popular types of slots available today. They include one or more progressive jackpots that grow in value the more time goes by until they are won. Most software developers have one or more of these slots available for people to play.

Does your favorite developer have some of these games available? Check your favorite casino too - they will probably promote several progressives you can try if you wish.

What does progressive slot machine mean?

This is the term given to slot machines that take a small slice of each real bet placed and put it in a jackpot kitty. This amount then grows the more people play the machine. Eventually, someone will win the lot. It could be just a few weeks or many months until someone hits that combination. Until that happens, the pot gets progressively bigger - hence the name.

Beating progressive slot machines - just what we're all trying to do!

There is no way you can beat these machines. The payouts are determined at random, with a pre-determined combination of icons required on the reels to trigger the biggest prize of all. There's no way to make that happen or to be sure you are the one playing the machine when it does.

The best bet is to make sure you can play the machine for as long as possible. That means reducing the size of your bet and choosing a machine that allows small bets to be placed. Other than that, it's all down to luck.

How big could progressive slots payouts be?

Ah, the golden question! These pots can get very big indeed. We regularly hear stories of people winning a few thousand dollars, but what about the really big wins?

We've heard of several instances where people have won millions of dollars playing the progressive slots at bricks and mortar casinos. However, there are instances where seven-figure sums have been won by people playing online slots too.

While many big wins sit comfortably in the six-figure bracket - life-changing, certainly - many people want that big seven-figure win. Few will get it, but it's nice to dream.

Can you find free online progressive slots no download required?

You can but remember these games must be played with real bets in place to give you a chance to win those jackpot amounts. If you play free slots, you're playing for fun only. That means you won't hit the combination required for the jackpot to drop.

While you could get a free chip at many casinos and use it to play slot games of your choice, these deals usually preclude you from winning any progressive jackpots. Bear that in mind before you play.

The good news is lots of progressives can be played as instant play games in Flash. There isn't usually any requirement to download any software to play them.

Try some Bovada progressive slots today if you're feeling lucky

Bovada Slots attracts players from all over. There are lots of reasons for that, not least the professionalism and slick features the site offers. However, they also offer players the chance to win some great jackpots.

Watch out for the likes of A Night with Cleo Slots, Money Magic, Strike Gold, Super Diamond Mine Slots, and Food Fight. They all feature diverse themes and a jackpot that must soon be won…

Which games are the best Microgaming progressive slots to play?

Microgaming Slots is a big name in gaming for many reasons. However, with progressives including King Cashalot, Mega Moolah (yes, that's theirs), and Major Millions Slots in their collection, you can see why players often flock to Microgaming slots to see how lucky they might be.

Which NetEnt progressive slots are worth playing for?

Lots of NetEnt slots are packed with fun and appealing features and bonuses. Some have huge jackpots too, including Mega Fortune (often going into the millions), Hall of Gods, Super Lucky Frog, and Cosmic Fortune. Will you try your luck with any of those?

RTG progressive slots to try

There are lots of reasons to play RTG slot games. Some of them bring in progressive pots to win too, making life even more exciting. Aztec's Millions is one of the most famous RTG progressives you can play. Another one to try is Jackpot Pinatas - a great one with a more unusual theme.

New progressive slots coming soon

Whenever you read this, you can be certain of one thing - there are new progressive slot games landing right now in casinos all over the internet. Software developers are keen to create more of these popular games for players to enjoy. Most days will see new releases come to fruition, with some of them proving to include a progressive jackpot or two.

Watch out for new games coming up with several progressive pots to be won as well. Any size jackpot is good enough for us!

Are there penny progressive slot machines you can play?

Yes! This surprises some players. They assume the only way to play these games is by wagering huge sums on each spin. However, there are slot games with three or five reels that allow you to play just a penny on each spin… and you still get a chance to win that progressive jackpot.

Some games do give players with bigger bets an increased chance of winning a slice (or all) of the jackpot. Read the terms of each game carefully before you play, so you can tell how the game works.

Progressive slots for real money - the only way to play?

The best way to play for sure, and the only real way to play if you want to be in with a chance of winning. You can try them in free play or demo format if you wish, just to see what they are like first. There are so many progressive games around, it makes good sense to ensure you're playing one you're going to enjoy. But if you want a chance to win the real jackpot - however long the odds might be - you must wager real cash bets to get that opportunity to win.