The Mob Heist Slots

Mob Heist is a cartoony online slot game that’s all about becoming as rich as possible through profitable crime. You take on the roll of a mobster that loves robbing banks and it’s up to you to unlock the biggest prize payouts that you can in your time at the slot machine. In any given session you’ll encounter police women, sticks of dynamite, piles of cash and special features to keep things interesting. It’s up to you to make the most of them to hopefully land a sizeable win from the slot.

Wild Cops

The female cop symbol is surprisingly helpful for a heist based game and can help you win more beneficial prizes and to win more often. She transforms into any symbol other than scatters to help you trigger more prize wins. She won’t serve as a multiplier, but will still be highly beneficial to you in helping to unlock more winning combinations as you play.

Mobster Free Spins

Anytime you get all five mobster symbols on the reels at the same time you unlock some powerful bonus free spins to help you win even more cash from the slot game. You’ll enjoy a total of 15 free spins with plenty of winning prize opportunities. These spins come with a multiplier and you’re sure to win some good payouts by the time you finish with all 15 of those rounds.

Double up Your Winnings

Mob Heist comes with a powerful “Double Up” feature that works like the gambling feature on most other slot games. This feature becomes available any time that you win money on the slot. The Double Up light turns on and you can check that light to switch to the feature for a chance at doubling your prize payout. You’ll be taken to a card table and you’ll need to choose the right card to win. The dealer’s card is laid on the table face up and you need to choose one of four cards to try and double your winnings. If your chosen card is higher you win and double your winnings. If it’s lower you lose and all your winnings are gone.

The Cash Vault Bonus Round

Get two or more dynamite symbols and you’ll launch the vault bonus round and get one step closer to riches with this intense slot game. From there you just need to choose one of the vaults to detonate to gain access to all that sweet cash. Do that and you’ll be looking at a serious instant cash payout which should help fatten your bankroll.

Mob Heist is a fun slot game for players that fantasize about robbing a bank. It’s a beautiful slot game with plenty of features to look at and the game offers a new set of prize payouts every time you play. No matter how many times you try the slot you won’t know exactly what to expect from it and that’s the fun.