Ogre Empire Slots

Ogre Empire is a really interesting online slot game that features an intimidating Ogre and a whole village of people who are scared of him. The slot puts you face-to-face with some exceptional prize payouts, but for the most part you’re going to be excited by how dynamic this slot game is. It’s nice to look at and the game actually switches between day and night modes as you play through enough rounds. Both modes have something special to offer and you’ll find yourself looking forward to the switch as you spin again and again.

Ogre Smashes Rewards

During day mode in Ogre Empire the ogre is present and looking to break as much as possible. This intimidating beast will smash up rock symbols occasionally and rain down the reels with additional rewards.

The Major Switch Between Day and Night

As you play Ogre Empire you’ll notice day and night stacked symbols out on the reels. These special symbols are responsible for changing the time of day and nothing more. The symbol needs to appear on the reel fully and it will change to day or night depending on what it is. With just a simple spin you can jump from night to day or back again and with that change comes a change to all the different features and special rewards that you can expect as well.

Night Mode

Villagers are forced to only move about at night, which makes night mode a very good time to be a player of Ogre Empire. When the game switches into night mode you’ll have many more opportunities to win some really nice prizes. From the moment that the game turns to night you’ll enjoy a whole host of higher paying villager symbols that you simply don’t see during the day. The Joker symbol is particularly exciting and serves as a 2x multiplier wild to help you unlock bigger and better prizes as you play.

The Flower Wild

There’s a special flower wild symbol that’s available during day and night modes in Ogre Empire. This special wild doesn’t just help complete prize paying symbol combinations, it also transforms other symbols into wilds as well. When it appears, it’s possible that the flower will blossom and shoot out spores to surrounding symbols. The touched symbols transform into wilds as well and help trigger additional prizes.

Double Your Wins

Any time that you win a prize payout from Ogre Empire you have the option to try and double your winnings with the Double up Game. After you win you simply choose Double Up and then choose heads or tails before flipping the coin. You are free to continue choosing heads or tails to try to double up again and again for larger wins, but if you choose wrong you’ll lose it all.

Ogre Empire is a dynamic online slot game with some stunning graphics and exciting features. It’s not packed with special bonus rounds like some slots are, but the switch between day and night modes keeps the game feeling fresh even after dozens of spins, and it’s certainly something that most players should try out at least once.