Streetball Star Slots

Streetball Star is an online slot game that's based on playing basketball on the streets. If you've ever played a pickup game of basketball in a park then you can probably relate with this slot game. There are symbols like street tags, basketball players, the Statue of Liberty and logos of the game that will help to create the perfect mood for you to enjoy gambling. We were impressed with the artwork of this slot game and decided to give it a try. From the moment we got started with it we enjoyed the experience, and that's why we put together this review of the game.

243 Ways to Win

There are a total of 243 different ways for you to win prize money while spinning the reels of Streetball Star. That means that you are pretty likely to unlock some prizes as you play the game and prize wins shouldn't be too far apart either. It also means that there are no paylines for you to adjust, and you'll just have to turn your wager amount up or down to get a comfortable wager amount for you to play with. Take your time and choose a wager that you can live with comfortably and try to stick with that as you play the game. Wager too low and you'll be bored with this slot, but you have to take care not to go too high or you could lose it all before you get a big win.

Watch for Stacked Wilds

Wilds are pretty common in Streetball Star and you'll see them showing up in groups most of the time. That's because there are stacked wilds and they often take up multiple spots on a reel before you have a chance to cash in on the prize money. As you go through one round after the next you'll have a good chance of winning prizes if wilds show up and they will show up regularly.


Chain Wins are Common

Streetball Star has a special feature that makes chain wins very common in this slot game. Anytime you get a winning combination of symbols, those symbols are sprayed down with paint and transformed into something new before you have to spin the reels again. You get the payout from the first prize winning combination, and then you get a new combination of symbols that can sometimes lead to wins as well. We found that many of the large winning combinations lead to smaller wins once again before having to spin the reels. This really helps you maximize every win that you manage to get from this slot game.

Free Spin Bonuses

If you manage to get three or more scatter symbols while playing this slot game, you'll unlock a special free spin round to play through as well. During the free spin round you can get up to 15 free spins with a multiplier as high as 10x before it's triggered. Just get lucky with the minigame in the beginning of the round and you'll end up with a higher multiplier and much better chances to win big as you go through all your free spins. The multiplier you get is listed up at the top of the screen along with the total number of spins that you have remaining.

Streetball Star is a charming online slot game with a pretty cool special bonus round. It offers some significant wins is you are lucky enough to unlock them, but many gamblers will play through rounds without triggering the high paying free spin round. It's wroth trying if you like basketball or just want a slot with a good bonus game, but you will have to be patient to get the big wins from this game.