Pixel Samurai Slots

It seems to have been a busy few months for the team at Playtech. Pixel Samurai is one of a few game releases in May 2018, and the title image reveals just how accurate the title itself is. You will indeed see a samurai with two swords, and he is represented with pixels. The game screen itself is more detailed and perhaps more unusual than you were expecting.

There are five reels essentially, although the presentation gives us a simple 5x5 matrix of icons. Each icon is a different character, so you must try and find enough matching ones to win a prize. You simply need to choose a bet to play, but there are some small bets of just a few cents to get you started.

As you might guess, you need to find as many matching symbols as you can to win some prizes. You need a minimum of five of each one, while 16 or more will bring you the biggest prize for each icon. Some are worth more than others, with the green-hued character the lowest-paying icon. The Pixel Samurai of the title is the one to look for, because eight or more of these looks to be the trigger for the jackpot. This is seen on the main screen, so you can keep an eye on how much it is currently worth.