Raiders of the Hidden Realm Slots

This sounds like a dramatic and exciting slot game, but you cannot tell much about it from the opening image. All you can see is the presentation of the title, but since it has an Indiana Jones-style feel about it, perhaps that provides a clue to the game itself. Playtech is behind this game release, so we have high hopes that it will prove to be an excellent title to play. The raiders logo appears as the wild, and since it replaces everything else in the game, this is a good start.

The raiders themselves appear in purple, blue, and green hues, and they appear as tall symbols as well. Morgana, Strider, and Sparks are their respective names. If one character appears in full on the first reel and partially on the fifth reel, a feature called Raiders Shuffle is unlocked. Those symbols will transform into wilds and stay in place while all other symbols shuffle for a chance at additional wins.

Another big perk is the chance to play no fewer than three versions of free games. Each character has their own free spins feature. Morgana awards eight free games, while Strider and Sparks award seven and six respectively. To trigger any of these, you must get the relevant character to appear in full on both the first and fifth reels in a single spin. Each set of free games varies slightly according to the character that triggered it. As you can see, Raiders of the Hidden Realm is a delightful game to play.