Super Fire 7s Slots

Super Fire 7s is a powerful title for a slot. This one has been released by Inspired Gaming, so we hope the slot itself is inspired as well. At first glance, we get a good mix of traditional symbols appearing over the reels. That means we will see fruits of all kinds, sevens, and bells too. You get the kind of thing you can see here.

Stacked wilds might also crop up on the reels of this game. Since they can appear stacked over more than one reel at once, that could have a big impact on the outcome of that particular spin. Watch and see what happens, that would be our best advice.

The Star Slots is the scatter in this instance, offering you a chance to win scatter prizes if you can find enough of them. You also have a gamble feature built in if that is your kind of thing. Mind you, many players prefer not to go for that. You just never know whether you could end up losing out on cash you just won. If you like basic slots with something extra, the Super Fire 7s slot could be just what you have been looking for.