Why Do Pets Appear In Slot Games?

Why Do Pets Appear In Slot Games?
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A pet means different things to different people. Some think of a dog, while others think of a cat. Some think of stranger pets such as rats, hamsters, and fish.

But whichever type of pet you think of, you have no doubt seen a few popping up in some online slots. While they are nice to see, have you ever wondered why they are chosen to start with?

Everyone loves pets, right?

Well, maybe not everyone, but millions own cats or dogs, with some owning both. There are lots of other appealing pets around too. It’s hard not to be drawn in by a cute slot game based on pets. This common appeal is one reason why software developers use pet-themed slots to entice people to play. They know there is a good chance lots of people will try their games.

There is ample room for some interesting features

We played a slot based on cats and dogs that had two free spins features. One was triggered by the dog and used a relevant bonus element, while the other involved the cat. It doesn’t matter which animals are used in these games; they are always fun to see and used to inspire some fascinating bonus features and free spins.

The game can be cartoonish or more serious

Some pet-themed slots we’ve played have taken on a more detailed look. The pets have been drawn in detail and avoid the cartoon-style appeal of some simpler-looking slots. There is nothing wrong with cartoons of course, and there are plenty of slots around that use this presentation technique.

Pets make a good starting point for a slot game

You need only look at the various slot games around today to see how different they are, even when using the same starting point. Every slot developer could create a slot based around pets and you’d never find two even remotely the same.

One thing is for sure – we’re not likely to see pets disappearing from slot games anytime soon. We guess people love playing them, and with lots to choose from, you know you’ll always have some great games to play. Kitty Twins is a great example, along with Diamond Cats, Diamond Dogs, and Hound Hotel. If none of those grab your attention, you’ll find plenty more online no matter where you look for pet-themed slot games.

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