Fruits Galore In These 3 Fruity Slots

Fruit is never hard to find when you're thinking about playing a slot game. There are so many fruity games out there it can be hard to know which one to choose.

We thought we would dive into the Microgaming collection of slots to see how many fruity titles they've created. We've got three here to look at. Will you end up playing any of these?

Fruit Salad

Fancy some fruit salad? This game is a very bright one that some might find tricky on the eye. It features three reels and three paylines though, so if you like to wager bets on more than one payline with these styles of slot game, this could be ideal to try. Just one coin is required per line, and if you manage to find three of the fruit salad bowls on the third payline, you will win an amazing 5,000 coins.

Fruit Slots

There cannot be a simpler title than that, right? Microgaming has gone back to basics with the title, but what about the game itself? This game only has three reels, and it positions these above the big title on the left side of the screen. The remainder of the screen is filled with lots of tasty fruit, along with the usual bar symbols that might also appear on the reels. It's worth playing a three-coin bet on every spin here, because while you get proportionately-larger prizes for each winning combo, the jackpot is five times the size you'd win with a two-coin bet.

Fruit vs Candy

Let's switch things up a little for this final title by adding some candy too. This is a superb game because you get to choose whether to play as Fruit or Candy. Whatever you select to begin with, you can switch whenever you like to try the other version as well. The Fruit slot features free games with a Cash Stash feature, while the Candy slot features free spins with a Sweet Reel feature. Each version boasts a different background and different icons too, with either candy or fruit involved.

These are all great games, but since we have a preference for five-reel slots, we'd choose Fruit vs Candy as our preferred pick. And yes, we have a thing for candy too! Which of these three will you prefer if you have a go at playing them all?