Legend of the 5 Ninjas Slots

This isn’t an ordinary legend – at least, we don’t think so. Instead, it is the title of a new slot game coming to us courtesy of Eyecon. The theme is obvious given the title, so you can expect to meet a few ninjas if you decide to take part in this journey. But does Legend of the 5 Ninjas deliver on the promise held in that title?

The five reels of the game are presented on the wall of an Oriental hut, complete with numerous details to add to the authenticity. You can expect to spot the ninjas themselves once the reels start spinning, along with some of the weapons they choose to use. The wild appears as a scroll and is also labeled appropriately to make it easier to spot.

The Legend of the 5 Ninjas also contains a scatter called Godai. This character is the trigger to unleash the free games bonus. The game gives us a choice of five options here, delivering five, eight, 10, 15, or 20 games, with multipliers going through 10x, 5x, 4x, 3x, or 2x respectively. We always like a choice of free games features, since it gives you more versatility to try out if you play for a while and trigger them more than once. You can also trigger these again up to 15 times, so who knows how many freebies you might get in Legend of the 5 Ninjas?