Winland Slots

That title doesn’t give away very much. However, when you set eyes on the image designed to promote this new game from Casino Technology, a feeling of familiarity will wash over you. There is a bottle with ‘Drink Me’ written on it. There is a rabbit looking at a fob watch. There is a grinning cat… and a girl with blonde hair. Have you got it yet? There is a definite Wonderland feel about Winland, as you may have spotted.

We’ve seen plenty of slots with a great opening image that fail to live up to it, but thankfully that is not the case here. Every icon is beautifully drawn and recognizable from the famous story. While this one is not called Alice in Wonderland for obvious reasons, there is no doubt about the presentation.

Surprisingly, especially with five reels in play, there are just five paylines you can bet on. Mind you, that does keep things manageable when you are betting on everything with a small budget. You can also be in with a chance to win some Hyper Games, which give you a different background to look at. You can see the cat giving you a multiplier on prizes, and three rabbits must appear to start with to trigger those Hyper Games. Will you feel hyper if you decide to give this game a try?