Pyramid Escape Slots

The mere mention of a pyramid in the title of this game makes us think of ancient Egypt. This looks like an Egyptian slot with a twist though, because the opening image shows us a Pharaoh with glowing eyes and a very modern female adventurer. Will this be a pyramid it is worth escaping from, or are there prizes hidden inside it?

The game features five reels and 15 lines, so there are fewer here to bet on than you might think. With that said, you might also find lots of other Egyptian-themed icons on those reels, so you may still win more than one prize in a single spin if the reels spin in your favor.

There is a Jolly symbol here which is basically a wild, but you can also find a x2 multiplier symbol that can come into play to boost the value of something if you win it with its assistance. One interesting element here is the title image, which does appear on the reels. However, this symbol is divided into two halves. You must get both halves next to each other to complete the image to trigger the Mystery Bonus. What will you find there and how much will you win? There is also a Pyramid Bonus to play if you get three bonus eye symbols on the reels in the base game. There is much to discover in this pyramid, so make sure you check out this Capecod Gaming title today.