Dancing Flamingo Slots

Do flamingos dance? We’ve never seen them do it, but we do know they look impressive when you see lots of them standing together. A wonderful pink flamingo appears in the opening image for this new slot release from Casino Technology. This image also gives us a look at some other animals – a tiger, a monkey, and a colorful parrot. That is as much as we know about this slot so far, as it is enjoying a May 2018 release.

There is little else to reveal as yet, although with those animals on the title image, we would expect to see them all in the game itself. Will we be treated to paylines or ways to win, and how many reels will there be? We suspect there will be five reels, but until the game is made available to play, there is no way to tell.

We do know this looks set to be a colorful affair, and who knows, it may also be a profitable one for you if the odds tip in your favor. Check out the new Dancing Flamingo slot game from Casino Technology this May and get ready to test your luck.