Fluffy Favourites: Join and Play

You must surely have heard of the Fluffy Favourites slot game by now. This has been entertaining players for some time, and it shows no sign of letting up in that respect.

Sometimes, it is easy to see why a certain slot game has become a huge success. Other times, it is not so easy. Can we figure out why Fluffy Favourites is the best game for lots of slot players today?

It is pleasing to look at

We guess you would assume the features of a slot are more important than its appearance. However, if you are going to play a game for some time, it would make sense to choose one that is easy on the eye. Fluffy Favourites certainly ticks that box, thanks to the lovely palette of pastel colors used here. With a rainbow in the background, a big top-style tent, and the sun as well, everything is set for a pleasing appearance.

The game includes a Toybox Pick feature

This game is so called because it features lots of soft toys – the kind you see in those fairground machines. If you manage to find three or more claw grabber scatters in the base game, you can play the Toybox Pick feature. Here, you get three, four, or five picks according to the number of scatters you found. You will receive a prize for each one.

You can also win some free spins

Just as you get more picks the more scatters you get in the above feature, you also get more free spins for finding more pink elephants in a spin. Three, four, or five of these will trigger 15, 20, or 25 free games to begin.

These spins can be triggered again while you are playing them. The same trigger is required for this to happen, with the same amounts up for grabs. You will also be pleased to know all the prizes in this feature are tripled, so there is a good chance you could win far more than you might expect.

These are the main reasons why the Fluffy Favourites online slot game has proven to be very popular with players. It won’t suit everyone, that’s for sure, especially not those who like a slice of drama in their slot games. This is innocent, fun, and entertaining, and if that is what you are looking for, you can enjoy the experience here.