Wild Challengers Slots

Bluberi has developed this slot and from the main image, it is difficult to spot any clues to who the Wild Challengers might be. However, if you look to either side of the title, you will see horseshoes. Is that an arena we see? Could this be all about wild horses? We don’t yet know much else, because this Bluberi slot release doesn’t hit the internet until June 26th this year. That gives us some time to ponder what might be coming our way.

We have, however, dug deep and found a few more details for you. We were close while guessing the wild horses link, because it looks as if the game is based on a rodeo – a popular event in parts of the US. This is all about the competition taking place at the rodeo, and it could deliver a superb slot game for us to play.

The Wild Challengers title could therefore relate to the riders as well as the horses themselves. If you like a Wild West-style them, mark out June 26th in your diary as the day to try the new Wild Challengers slot game from Bluberi. It could be one you enjoy going back to time and again.