What Makes A Successful Slot?

You've probably asked yourself that question occasionally. While there is no firm method for picking the most successful slots around (we do see some surprises from time to time), the following elements do all play a part.

It must capture the imagination

Think of Rainbow Riches, one of the most popular slots around today. It has spawned several sequels and is still a massive hit. It uses a familiar theme, one we all love - Irish good luck. It also uses a splash of some of the brightest colors around without being too garish to look at.

That's why it captured the imagination of so many players, many of whom are playing it even as you read this. Which slots capture your imagination?

It usually includes one or more bonus elements

We say one or more, because there's no need to have tons of bonuses in there. Some of the most successful slots have just one or two. Too many of them can make a game overly confusing to play.

Free spins are always good to see, but some games have offered respins instead and they are just as popular. There might also be a second screen bonus to play which usually ties in with the main theme.

It should offer a considerable range of bets to choose from

Not all players have the same budget to work with. That's why we like to see slot games that allow you to play just one or two cents per line. It means players can enjoy the game for a low spin bet. Yet these same games also often allow for several coins to be played per line, as well as higher coin values to be chosen. In this scenario, the same penny slot could deliver a much higher wager per spin of several dollars - maybe even several hundred dollars.

Oftentimes, you just never know why a slot becomes a monster success. They don't need to be presented in 3D for instance, even though there are many appealing games that do present us with the third dimension. They may not need to have an innovative format or theme. Sometimes, the most familiar is the most successful.

Yet the above elements do all play a part in creating a memorable and thrilling game. Are they all present in your favorite slots, or have you seen them in some of the internet's biggest successes so far?