Realistic Games Announces Launch of Chasing Rainbows Slots

There is a new slot game in town and it was launched by the software company Realistic Games. The title of this new slots game is called "Chasing Rainbows," and it proven so far to be worth the time to explore it.

Chasing Rainbows


You might have been told growing up that it is not wise to chase rainbows. However, with this new slot game, the thrill of winning big and play the slots is combined in one activity. Chasing Rainbows Online Slots had 20 paylines arranged on five reels. You will see a unique medieval theme as a player for this new slot when you play Chasing Rainbows Slot. The symbols in the game represent all of the items in fantasies. For example, unicorns, elves, red-haired princes and dragons are some of the symbols here. You will also see beautiful rainbows, surfers and face cards.

Chasing Rainbows Online Slot Game Features

As as player you should be prepared to enjoy a variety of game features in Chasing Rainbows. The slot game does have free spins and a jackpot multiplier which can add up to 250x your initial wager as the highest amount possible to win. When wild symbols appear on the reels they can be loked to increase winnings with each spin. Chasing Rainbows Online Slot is not just available on desktop computers, but also can be played on devices such as mobile phones and tablets.