Play Birds! Slots to Win an Eternity of Free Spins and Doubled Winnings

Betsoft’s new game Birds! slots is going to wow players with adorable 3D birds, unique gameplay, and generous bonus features. This 3D slot game costs as little as two cents to play and makes it really easy to win multiple times on just one spin. Instead of traditional reels, a three rows of five birds each take center stage on a series of wires. Click spin and the birds fly into place. Each cluster of three or more birds leads to a win. Those birds fly off and new ones take their place.

Play to Win Unlimited Free Spins

The biggest reason to play Birds! slots is the potential to win unlimited free spins. On the left side of Birds! is a Tweet ‘o’ Meter that fills up with each consecutive winning combination. Fill the meter at least four times to win free spins. You can keep filling the meter during free spin rounds to keep the free games coming an unlimited number of times.

Winning Potential

With 11 birds in all, the number of potential payouts is impressive. The light gray bird delivers the smallest payout of 10 credits for each bird in the winning cluster, but there are many more payouts waiting. Blue birds are worth 15 each, while green birds are worth 40 each. If you’re lucky enough to get a winning combination with the pastel-colored bird, you win 500 each. The rainbow bird is a wild and pays as much as 910 credits each!

Head to your favorite Betsoft casino today and experience this whimsical 3D slot game for yourself. Winnings come quickly and with the Double Up features, you can take those winnings and double them if you correctly choose heads or tails!