Five Fantastic New Slots Games Coming

The Global Gaming Expo (G2E) is an annual conference and expo specifically geared towards the casino and gaming industry. This conference covers topics of interest about the gaming industry and the expo floor for manufacturers of casino products casino show off their newest projects. The expo floor resembles a casino floor and you will find that the majority of the expo space is covered with slot machines so that the casino operators are able to preview games for the first time.

This years expo is showing a healthy convergence of technology as well as big name themes. Here are 5 slot games to watch out for at your favorite casino.

TMZ Slots Game

Most people probably know TMZ as a TV show or a website where you will go to for the latest celebrity news. Watch out for TMZ800 Slots game which will put you in the game that includes "photo booth" technology will be able to take your photo, which will then integrate your image onto the game screen as well as in several of the bonus rounds. This looks like its going to be an extra fun way to play games.

Simpsons Slots Game

I don't think there is anyone who does not know the Simpsons TV show which has been around for almost 30 years!

The developers said that the show will be allowing their name and the characters to be used in a new slots game called Simpsons which is due out in 2016. This game will have multiple screens and a motion sensor allowing players to move their hand around to be able to catch sprinkles from one of Homor's doughnuts, this sounds like an interesting twist to the game, who is ready for Doughnuts?

Frogger Slots Game

Fogger is an arcade game from the 1980's which was a hit at that time, and now you will be will seeing this slots game in casinos in 2016 a slot machine and a video game. The game plays just like any ordinary slot machine until players hit the bonus round. The bonus round then activates a second screen that features the original Frogger video game that older players will probably remember from arcades or in the corner store.

Cirque du Soleil Slots Game

What makes this slots game unique is the way that the game is set up. This one has multiple slot machines that are placed in a bank which resembles a carousel. Although each game is played individually, players will find that there are bonus features circling just above them waiting to be released. This is similar to the Cirque du Soleil shows which places this game into almost a sensory overload. The first show theme will be "Kooza" later that will change when the show themes are rotated.

Willy Wonka Slots Game

Although Willy Wonka is not a new slot game theme. You might wonder why its featured as a game to watch in 2016? Many players know that Willy Wonka has been one of the most popular slot machine themes hitting casinos over the past couple of years. The multi-game bank of the Wonka slots should be in casinos sometine in 2016.