Playing Caribbean Gold Slots to Win

Caribbean Gold Slots at Miami club casino is aptly-named - what with all the cash available for you to plunder from the reels. One of the better visual efforts from Wager Gaming Technology (WGT), the symbols on the reels are detailed technically accurate. With 5 reels and 25 paylines, it fits right in with all of Miami Club Casino's other people-pleasers. The payouts are large, and can change your life on the spot - try $37,000 at a single lucky go on for size. In fact, the maximum jackpot is a jaw-dropping $150,000 - which is likely to make you richer than any real-life pirate operating today.

Playing Caribbean Gold Slots to Win

First of all, you can play this riveting slot at several WGT-operated online slots throughout cyberspace. Miami Club Casino has the standard version of the game, as do Liberty Slots and Lincoln Casino. You'll find quite a surprise in the Buried Treasure Bonus, which transports you to a cadre of deserted islands (well, mostly deserted) that has several prizes on their shipwrecked beachfronts - choose the right island from the group, and get the hidden prize that goes with it. You can't lose once this symbol takes you there. The other symbols to watch out for are the Treasure Chest symbol and the Compass - the Scatter and the Wild, respectively. This is a must-play Slot from Wager Gaming Tech.

New Slots from WGT Abound

Caribbean Gold Slots is just the flagship of the debut of new Slots from WGT/WGS. There's also Jester's Wild and $5 Million touchdown, which are both dazzling Slots in their own right. If you're a fan of American football (to the rest of the world, Soccer is actually football), then $5 Million Touchdown affords you the opportunity to rake in the cash by playing a representation of your favorite sport on the reels. You'll find that there are a lot of hidden bonuses in this Slot at the afore-mentioned casinos that carry selections from the WGT library.

You're sure to love the other games from the makers of Caribbean Gold Slots, so head on over to Miami Club, Lincoln casino or Liberty slots casino to see which ones suit your fancy. What better way to spend your evening than playing games at which you can actually win some cash?