Candy Queen Slots

It’s not unusual to find candy in slot games. Since the huge success of Candy Crush, many software developers have been inspired to create games around the candy theme. So, is that what we have here too? Can we expect to match candies to win prizes, or does the Candy Queen herself have other things in mind?

The initial surprise is the appearance of a woman – a real one, not a cartoon or drawing – holding a wand in the shape of a swirly candy. She is wearing a top hat at a jaunty angle, and it looks as though it might just be edible in part, too! Or is that just us? This is a High 5 Games title and it looks the part with five reels and a candy factory to explore. The woman will appear on the reels from time to time, and when she does, she might show up in a large super-stacked format. That means she could appear on, say, a 3 x 3 square. Wouldn’t that be handy to help you win prizes?

You will also spot another unusual feature here – split symbols. This means you can benefit from prizes more often than you might think and be in line for some jackpots too if the luck does come your way. The game also includes a bonus feature, so watch out for that to appear. If it does, you can choose from a pick-me bonus or some free spins. Create the bonus you want to play in the Candy Queen slot game today.