Best of Both Worlds

Poker Slots Reel Poker Slots promises the fun of both a slot game and a video poker experience. That is right, this hybrid delivers the fun of both experiences and guarantees fun like no other. Each reel is provided with a card from the standard deck of 52, and promises a multitude of combinations of wins. Try your hand at a royal flush and reach over 10,000x the coin value! While you are enjoying your play, you will randomly be rewarded with a free spins opportunity. Flip over some cards and match a few symbols to get the spins. If you are lucky, you may even flip a 2x card and potentially reach up to 30 free spins. This game isn't just all tricks, with a 61% hit rate, you are looking at very high odds to make some money. You may even be able to reach one of the THREE jackpots. That's right, this game introduces three opportunities to strike it rich with jackpots reaching to the thousands.

Looks Can't Be Deceiving

This slot game keeps the heart of the game in mind with a very fun twist to the classic 52 standard deck. The game is easy to navigate and provides players with a lighthearted makeup of each suit. Looking to hit the flexing spade? Maybe you want to get a screen of hearts? Whatever your strategy, this game will make sure you are having fun while doing so. Choose how many coins you would like to gamble and get to spinning. Are you ready for a great time playing two of your favorite games in one? Reel Poker Slots is the slot game that we have all been wanting to play. Easy play, a standard deck of card, and multiple ways to win.