Birds! Slots

Whimsical and colorful are two great words to describe the 3D game Birds! slots. There are two key features you do not want to miss. First is the rainbow colored wild bird that replaces other birds on the wire. The Fly for Free feature is awesome as it leads to the possibility of winning unlimited free spins!

Birds! slots gameplay is unique. Instead of reels, there are three horizontal wires. Birds fly onto the wire leading to five birds per wire. If a cluster of three or more birds of the same color are on the wire together, it’s a win. For the combination to count, the birds must be side-by-side either vertically or horizontally. Those winning birds fly away, you win the prize, and new birds fly into the empty spaces. This can lead to multiple wins during one round.

Generous Payouts

In Birds! slots, the prizes for the light gray bird are on the lowest end of the paytable and pay 10 credits. A sampling of other payouts includes the purple bird worth 20, the yellow bird worth 75, and the red bird worth 125. The pastel bird is worth 500 and the rainbow wild bird is great at forming huge wins of up to 910 credits. There are 11 birds in all, so it’s easy to win!

Free Flights Meter Bonus

With each winning set of birds, the Free Flights Meter on the left side of the screen fills up. When the meter hits 4, you get 8 free games. With 5 and 6 flights, you get 12 and 20 free games. If you make it to 7 or higher, you get 14 free spins plus the number of flights that triggered the bonus. For example, if 10 flights triggered the meter, you get 14 free spins plus 10 for a total of 24 free games. During the free games, even more can be triggered leading to unlimited free spins.

Double Your Winnings

After a winning combination, you have the choice to toss a gold Birds! coin and try to double your prize. Pick heads or tails and if you’re right, your prize doubles with the Double Up feature.

Ready to play? Bets for Birds! slots start at as little as 2 cents and go up to $1. You can bet up to 5 credits with each spin, leading to a maximum bet of 125 credits. Once you’ve decided how much to bet, click spin or set up autoplay and sit back and watch the 3D animations as the computer takes over spinning for you.