The Sweetest Sweet 16 Slots

Sweet 16 Slots is a Real Time Gaming imprint coming soon before the year is out, to an online gaming casino near you. It looks very inviting, and has a feel and appearance that’s quite reminiscent of another fan favorite – the Candy Crush Saga app that’s currently popular on Android and iOS.

When you fire up Sweet 16 Slots at your favorite RTG-supported casino, you’ll notice the explosion of colors and gifts that fly out at you on the introduction screen. The fun-pop musical tones are nice additions too, and you’ll enjoy the many delicious treats that serve as the symbols on the reels. There’s a Chocolate Caramel Drop, Pink Jellybean, Blue Sucker, Sugar Candy, Swirl Lollipop, Gold Shell Candy and others. Sweet 16 has 5 reels and it pays you a winning sum in either direction. One of the many ways to win involves a triple lollipop symbol delivering Free Games for a chance at even more prizes.

The Sweet 16 Slot symbol is sure to be an important one, so pay attention to how it appears on the reels. Amid the brightly-colored chaos of symbols, you’ll find Grouped Wilds and Prize Multipliers dropping into your virtual lap. The winning symbols animate and change before your very eyes as you receive your reward. The game is simply a blast!

Furthermore, there are two more slots that are making their way to an online casino near you soon: Fucanlong and Megaquarium . Fucanlong – yes, you read the name right – is inspired by the Far East, with themes of dragons and mystic samurais from the Orient scattered throughout the game. Megaquarium is just as intriguing, and takes place under the sea with colorful coral reefs and graphically-impressive aquatic life throughout. And, as you have probably expected from any new slots these days – they are both available for Instant Play and Download on your favorite mobile device. Stay-tuned for the best slots to round out the year!