Sleight of Hand Slots

Sleight of hand is probably a term you are familiar with. Magicians use this trick a lot to keep you watching one thing while they perform another action to help the trick work. With that in mind, you can probably guess what the theme is if you play the Sleight of Hand slot game created by Nucleus Gaming.

Yes, we are presented with a magic-themed game here, and it certainly takes on a pleasing appearance from the moment it loads. You can also see the chance to win up to 513,000 coins during play, which we think would be appealing for anyone to go for!

There are five reels and 25 lines involved here, and you can expect to see lots of props and crystal balls scattered around the place – both on the reels and lying around beneath them. The graphics are very sharp and make the game far more appealing in many ways. The game includes Fire Crystals and Water Crystals; collecting three, four, or five of these in a spin will reveal three, six, or 12 Fire Magic or Water Magic free spins respectively. You won’t get many spins for three of one or the other, but since each spin guarantees you will win something, we doubt you will mind! The game also includes a Magic Wand feature, some wilds, and a Double Up Game if you want to try and gamble anything you win. We wouldn’t recommend it, but maybe the Sleight of Hand slot will prove lucky for you anyway.