Beasts of Legend Slots

Legendary beasts… there is something about the mere idea of this slot game that makes it a good one to learn more about. We have some info here for you, so you can decide whether this slot game will be one to add to your favorites collection. The title image is a lot brighter than you may have guessed, and there is no sign of any beasts in sight. So, what does the creator Incredible Technologies have in mind for us here?

The answer is a game that features unicorns and dragons, among other things. You will also spot the Beasts of Legend logo on the four reels of this game - yes, just four reels for you here. You can also play on 30 lines, so there is a lot to look out for. There is another logo in play too - the Dragon Blast Bonus. That sounds like a lot of fun to us, and we guess if you play the Beasts of Legend slot game, you will want to see if you can trigger that feature.

There are some neat features elsewhere in the game too, with 4up, 5up, and 6up logos that can unlock the reels in the second half of the game. These are the overhead Sky Reels, so this is something different to watch out for once again. If you manage to get the assistance of the phoenix to help you here, you can play on 90 lines with those extra reels in action. The Beasts of Legend slot also has progressive awards, bonus scatters, a chance to look for crystals to find a prize, and much more besides. Will you play Beasts of Legend on the Infinity SkyBox today?