Amethyst Magic Slots

Another magical slot is coming by the looks of it, and we do like the opening image for this one. Casino Technology released this game at the start of July, and it was indeed a great way to start the month. There is a woman in the title image and she is holding two aces. Could there be cards involved here, or is she merely in the middle of a magic trick? The amethyst mentioned in the title is there too.

The game offers five reels and very little in the way of a background. There is a hazy image, perhaps of a cave or room, but we cannot tell any more than that. There are magical items appearing on the reels, so watch out for a chest filled with gold coins and jewels, a locked book, the woman who previously appeared in the title image, and much more.

The amethyst might also appear in the game, but there is little else to learn from the images we have seen of this slot unless you play it. Suffice to say the amethyst could bring you some riches in this game with an RTP of 96.1%. Will that be high enough to persuade you to have a shot at this new slot game from Casino Technology?