Volts and Bolts Slots

Volts and Bolts… this sounds like an explosive game to play, doesn’t it? This is a release from SG that hit the online casino community near the end of June this year. But while the title screen looks promising, what does the game itself offer? We can begin by revealing there are four progressive jackpots here. That alone might be enough to tempt you into playing. We appear to find ourselves in a lab of sorts, where the five reels are shown on a bookcase where three shelves give you the symbols you are looking for.

Volts and Bolts revealed a battery pack which is labeled as a wild, so this can be useful to find. It appears on all but the first reel too. The professor or scientist, whatever his role is, appears on the reels as well, along with a brain (!), a wrench, and a notebook. What on earth is he up to? We’re not sure we would want to know.

The guy we mentioned before will bring you some free spins if he appears three or more times here. You can also look for a robot. If six or more of those appear – yes, it does seem a tall order – you will trigger the Robot Bonus. If you manage to trigger both bonuses in one spin – an even taller order! – you would play the Robot Bonus first and then the free games. The 50 paylines, the quirky design, the bonuses… everything is lining up to state this is a game you won’t want to miss.