Jaguar Moon Slots

If you encounter a slot game called Jaguar Moon, would you expect a jaguar to appear somewhere in the opening image? We would, yet we didn’t see one when the title screen of Jaguar Moon appeared. Developed by Novomatic, this slot instead features a woman with warpaint on her face… at least, we think that is what it is. There is a hazy background behind her, so it is hard to tell where she is, but could there be a jaguar lurking there somewhere?

This game was released on July 11th, so it is early days for it yet. You can see a jaguar growling on the reels though. Do they growl? This one sure looks as if it does. There are gold icons too, so there are riches here you may never have seen before. Watch out for the usual A, Q, and K symbols alongside the ones that would pay bigger prizes.

Most important of all is the inclusion of a bonus symbol. It says just that, so it is very easy to see. You will get the chance to find three or more bonus symbols spread over the first three reels though, as shown in the paytable. Depending on the formation you get, you could trigger between eight and 20 free games. These also get multipliers involved, worth between 2x and 5x your prizes whenever they are applied. There is plenty to appreciate in the Jaguar Moon slot, whichever way you look at it.