Fortune Dogs Slots

Fortune Dogs is a strange title to go with, but when you see the image that promotes this Habanero slot, it becomes a little clearer. We see a flash red sports car with two dogs inside it, clearly both having a great time. Yes, we didn’t think dogs could drive either, but this one obviously does! There is a police dog riding a motorcycle and trying to catch up with them though, so things may not end well for them.

The game is set in an Asian city with lights, buildings, and lots of other great details. The reels hover over the background, and you’ll see the three dogs already mentioned appearing in some of the positions on those reels. The four card suits also appear, along with a gold paw print among other things. Look at the top of the reels and you will see four jackpots too – each one shown as a multiplier of your bet.

Fortune Dogs gives you the chance to win some free games, and there are some other neat prize-winning opportunities here as well. We doubt this game will break any records, but there is more than enough here to make it a fun game to play. one interesting feature is that some of the characters can multiply in their positions. We’ve seen the video that shows one or more of them dividing into two or three, and this means you get far bigger wins if your luck is in.