The Curious Cabinet Slots

The title The Curious Cabinet made us curious to know what is inside that cabinet. Maybe you feel the same. It’s a fascinating title for a slot game, and yet it tells us very little. Perhaps we are in for a magical theme here… or time travel, maybe? Either way, we hope the game is just as good as the title.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing we still had two weeks to wait for this new release from Iron Dog to drop online. It looks as though it will be a five-reel game, but we know very little beyond that. The promotional image that has been released appears to show a stage. The title hovers above the stage, framed by lush red curtains on either side. There are cards behind the title too, so it would appear we have a magical theme to look forward to here.

Sadly, the cabinet itself does not appear in the image. Perhaps the reason it is curious is because it continually disappears? With potential illusions occurring in this slot game, you simply never know what might come up in this slot. Get ready to check it out for yourself when it finally appears on September 17th this year. Will you discover what lies inside that cabinet?